Desert Chill by DJ Nader - CD
Desert Chill by DJ Nader on CD

Desert Chill by DJ Nader - CD

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Welcome to Desert Chill, a lush playground of classic Arabian sounds fused with chilled-out grooves. DJ Nader mixes a smooth blend of exotic flavours, spanning from Marrakech to Baghdad, and creates the ultimate sanctuary for your mind, body and soul.

1. Lush Oasis: Giacomo Bondi
2. Arabian Soul: Roger Abboud
3. Al Masreya: Vartan & Raffi
4. Desert Voyage: vibraPHile
5. Pharaoh's Pleasures: Giacomo Bondi
6. Along the Nile: Roger Abboud
7. Bedouin's Journey: Mazachigno
8. Bint Al Balad: Petrol Bomb Samosa
9. The Baghdad Groove: Petrol Bomb Samosa
10. Damascus Bazaar: Charlie Abboud
11. Al Houbi Koullo: Roger Abboud
12. The Winds Descended: Giacomo Bondi
13. I Loved a Rose: vibraPHile
14. Nomad's Wish: Mazachigno
15. Baghdad Dub Mix: Drumspyder
16. Halawt Al Dounya: Charlie Abboud

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