Eastern Strings by Amer Ammouri - CD
Eastern Strings by Amer Ammouri on CD

Eastern Strings by Amer Ammouri - CD

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The oud, the ancient lute of the Middle East, is a musical instrument capable of deep emotional expression and great passion. In the hands of a master musician such as Amer Ammouri,ÿits enchanting sound creates a wide variety of moods ranging from tranquil and peaceful meditative states to brilliant and joyous exhilaration. This recording features authentic solo performances on the oud, strongly rooted in centuries of musical tradition, but fresh with contemporary vitality.

  1. Robaiyyat (Rast) 5:06  
  2. Al Mashdal (Rast) 1:27  
  3. Sabrina (Rast) 5:29  
  4. Hikayat Gharami (Kord) 3:25  
  5. Awil Hamsa (Kord) 4:23  
  6. Hnayyin (Hijaz Kar) 1:54  
  7. Saalooni (Hijaz) 1:58  
  8. Ka Ghzal (Rast) 2:40  
  9. Watar (Nakriz) 5:05  
  10. Ya Rahib Al Deyr (Ajam) 4:55  
  11. Al Mazhab (Kord) 3:03  

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