Embroidered Tribal Lace-Up Choli Top - AQUA TURQUOISE
BLUE TURQUOISE - Embroidered Tribal Lace-Up Choli Top

Embroidered Tribal Lace-Up Choli Top - AQUA TURQUOISE

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This gorgeous embroidered aqua turquoise sari fabric lace-up choli is a fantastic addition to your Tribal Belly Dance costume, Bollywood costume, or even your Renn Faire costume! This corset style choli has lacing on the top straps, the sides, and the front that makes it fully adjustable 2-3 inches more than sized measurements below. 
Made in India.

*Please note that tops are assorted - each one is unique and may not be the same as the photo.

XS/S- Ribcage 28 inches, Chest 32 inches
S/M- Ribcage 30-31 inches, Chest 34-36 inches
M/L- Ribcage 32-34 inches, Chest 36-38 inches 
XL- Ribcage 35-36 inches, Chest 41-42 inches  
2X- Ribcage 37-40 inches, Chest 46-48 inches

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