Fantastic Fan Veils with Sedona Soulfire - DVD
Fantastic Fan Veils with Sedona Soulfire on DVD

Fantastic Fan Veils with Sedona Soulfire - DVD

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Fan Veils are a truly magnificent prop to partner up with and are quickly becoming one of belly dancing s most popular props. They possess the ability to represent and express such a wide variety of moods and attitudes. From soft and subtle, to powerful and paramount, flirty and free to troubled and tragic.

However you choose to use them, fan veils are a dramatic way to help your personal piece or performance come to life providing you with the ability to add stunning backdrops, mysterious wraps, dynamic lines, and breathtaking whirling, swirling colors.

This DVD will provide you with the tools to perform flawless fan veil work. First we will explore basic technique and Fan Veil fundamentals, such as posture, grip, open/close, as well as hand, arm and wrist movements. You will be introduced to a large variety of Fan Veil movements and motions, such as the Flutter, Figure 8 s, Chase, Superstar Suspension, Quick Change, Sandstorm and MORE! You will learn a multitude of turns, spins, poses and frames as well as different tucks and wraps. We will explore single fan and closed fan as well. Finally you will clearly and concisely be guided through many lovely and innovative combinations.

This DVD also includes a tutorial that will help you to learn about various size, styles, and shapes of Fan Veils as well as care and transport.

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