Fit & Bendy Body Set! Kristina Nekyia - 2 DVD SET
Fit and Bendy Body Set! Kristina Nekyia - 2 DVD SET

Fit & Bendy Body Set! Kristina Nekyia - 2 DVD SET

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Stretch and strengthen... learn to bend without breaking in this amazing 2-DVD set!

"Bendy Body" by Kristina Nekyia helps develop strength and flexibility in one workout, building the muscles that will unlock your body’s natural range of motion for peak athletic performance!

"Bendy Body" will help you:
• Overcome chronically tight joints and muscles • Reduce risk of injury • Facilitate ease of movement • Improve alignment and technique • Prepare for advanced stretching and performance • Improve alignment, extension, and technique
Running time: 69 minutes

In "Get Bent" you will learn safe and effective stretching techniques to build longer, stronger muscles.

Unlock the legs, hips, shoulders and spine with techniques that will help you make the most of your stretching and get the results you want. Just 60 minutes for a complete, full-body stretch that also builds strength and joint stability for flexibility you can use.

DVD Chapters:
• Full body warm up • Stretches for legs and hips • Side and middle splits • Shoulder warm up and stretching • Strength-based approach to back bending • Cool down • Special hands-on tutorial on achieving beautiful splits

Students beginner to advanced who benefited from this training include:
• Circus performers • Dancers • Pole Athletes • Martial Artists • Gymnasts • Yogis
• Fitness Competitors • Cheerleaders

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