Golden Era of Bellydance Vol. 3 - Souher Zaki & Om Kalsoum - CD
Golden Era of Bellydance Vol. 3 - Souher Zaki and Om Kalsoum on CD

Golden Era of Bellydance Vol. 3 - Souher Zaki & Om Kalsoum - CD

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The 1940’s – 1970s is heralded as the Golden Era of Bellydance.  Belly Dance
Legends such as Souher Zaki, Taheyya Karioka, Fifi Abdo, Samia Gamal, Nagwa
Fouad, and Nadia Gamal brought Belly Dance to international acclaim with
lavish performances in major Arab films such as Tamr Henna, Afrita Hanem,
and Nour Al Ayoun. Glamorous belly dance performances in the finest casinos
and nightclubs featuring large orchestras and glamorous costumes were the
talk of the town in Cairo.
Souher Zaki’s original style was often called “graceful” and “innocent,” and
even captivated the attention of Om Kalsoum, the greatest diva of Arab
music. Souher Zaki often performed to Om Kalsoum’s melodies, which were
composed by Egypt’s greatest composers such as Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Baligh
Hamdi, and Riad El Soumbati.
Golden Era of Bellydance Vol. 3 captures the timeless music of Om Kalsoum
performed by some of the finest musicians in the Middle East such as the
Mohamed Ali Ensemble, Ahmad Gebaly & Orchestra, Bassil Moubayyed, Setrak
Sarkissian, Andelus Ensemble and others.
1. Arouh Limin 4:11
2. Daret Al Ayam 5:55
3. Ya Msaharni 3:57
4. Amal Hayati 3:50
5. Fakkarouni 4:29
6. Ana Fi Intizarak 3:23
7. Leylet Hob 5:35
8. Lesa Faker 4:09
9. Enta Omri 4:20
10. Houwa Sahihe 4:37
11. Al Qalb Youshaq 3:26
12. Li Sabri Houdoud 4:34
13. Alf Leyla 4:56
14. Ansak 4:27

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