Harem: Club & Chillout Remixes - CD
Harem: Club and Chillout Remixes on CD

Harem: Club & Chillout Remixes - CD

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Welcome to Harem, where you will indulge your senses with sultry Arabian melodies fused with cutting-edge club remixes and chill out grooves.

Some of the world’s hottest world dance DJs have come together to create a lush musical playground on the dancefloor or hookah lounge. Join Roger Abboud, Drumspyder, Giacomo Bondi, Petrol Bomb Samosa, and Jef Stott for the ultimate exotic club and chill out experience!

Track Listing:
1. Mystic Sahara: Roger Abboud 4:36
2. Ahlam Atrash: Drumspyder 4:32
3. Arabian Ecstasy: Giacomo Bondi 4:43
4. Ya Ein Moulayiten: Drumspyder 4:36
5. Set Al Hosen: Petrol Bomb Samosa 4:55
6. Andalusian Soul: Drumspyder 4:30
7. Forbidden Harem: Roger Abboud 4:04
8. Guzal: Drumspyder 4:50
9. Magic Carpet: Giacomo Bondi 4:26
10. Ya Jamlo: Drumspyder 3:14
11. Sufi Spirit: Jef Stott 5:02
12. Hasanen: Drumspyder 4:26
13. The Gypsy Dancer: Scott Sterling 5:12
14. Tabla and the Beat: Drumspyder 3:22

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