Hossam Ramzy - Dalinda (Turquoise) - CD
Hossam Ramzy Dalinda on CD

Hossam Ramzy - Dalinda (Turquoise) - CD

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Dalinda's music draws on Bedouin influences from the Libyan, Moroccan and Algerian deserts incorporating music from Egypt and the Middle East. Arabian lyrics (in English phonetic spelling) and English translations. Info in four languages. Produced by Hossam Ramzy.

  1. Maahboubi Khanni
  2. Yeslam
  3. Galbak
  4. Raqsah
  5. Yaah
  6. El Shams
  7. Esh Hal Qadny
  8. Efrah Wi Ghanny
  9. Ghajareyyah
  10. Min Youm
  11. Enta
  12. Blue

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