Layali Al Sharq - Al-Ahram Orchestra - CD
Layali Al Sharq by Al-Ahram Orchestra on CD

Layali Al Sharq - Al-Ahram Orchestra - CD

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The Al-Ahram Orchestra of Cairo is renowned for their rich sound, and authentic performance of Belly Dance Music. In Layali Al Sharq (Middle Eastern Nights), they present new compositions while preserving the traditional and classical Egyptian feeling.

1. Saher Al Sharq Etneen (8:00) Oriental Routine
2. Hoss-Hoss (5:05) Modern Saidi/Cane Dance
3. Zarmali Tabla (3:58) Arabian Percussion Variation
4. Dina Tata (6:23) Modern Balady
5. Fallaha Chocolata (4:15) Fallahin Rababa Dance
6. Kazzab (3:58) Balady Love Song
7. Sawraji Tabla (2:27) Dynamic Egyptian Percussion
8. Layali Al Sharq (8:00) Oriental Routine
9. Balad Al Khawatir (3:36) Saidi Cane Dance

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