Lights! Camera! Bellydance! - CD
Lights! Camera! Bellydance! on CD

Lights! Camera! Bellydance! - CD

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Since before recorded history, belly dance has captivated the hearts and captured the imagination of the entire world. Its hypnotic movements and feminine grace are timeless. Lights! Camera! Bellydance! Presents spellbinding Bellydance music by renowned artists such as the Gizira Band, Upper Egypt Ensemble, Naked Rhythm, Hamdi El-Khayyat, Issam Houshan, Bassam Ayoub, Setrak Sarkissian, and more.

  1. Wings of Isis Gizira Band - Selected by Sohaila  (6:21)  
  2. Mazamir Holiday Upper Egypt Ensemble - Selected by Virginia  (5:22)  
  3. Enta Omri Mohamed Ali Ensemble - Selected by Ava Fleming  (6:46)  
  4. Shisha Naked Rhythm - Selected by Anahata & Stephen Hues  (3:43)  
  5. Beirut Nights Salatin El Tarab Orchestra - Selected by Zaheea  (7:33)  
  6. Shuruk Salatin El Tarab Orchestra - Selected by Jillina  (5:18)  
  7. Side to Said Hamdi El-Khayyat - Selected by Kaya & Sadie  (4:19)  
  8. Tabel Ya Issam Issam Houshan - Selected by Viktoriya  (5:16)  
  9. Ya Hassan Zamalek Musicians - Selected by Rahana  (5:00)  
  10. Tabla Plus Zamalek Musicians - Selected by Rachel George  (5:27)  
  11. Raks Khadejah Bassam Ayoub - Selected by Khadejah  (6:44)  
  12. Set Al Hosen Setrak Sarkissian - Selected by Dondi  (4:34)  

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