Masters of Arabian Percussion - CD
Masters of Arabian Percussion on CD

Masters of Arabian Percussion - CD

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For the first time ever, the Masters of Arabian Percussion presented on one album. Experience the thrill of the Tabla (also known as Dumbek) in the hands of renowned artists from various countries including Egypt and Lebanon. These dynamic pieces represent the skills of the artists, complexity of the rhythms and are essential for familiarizing one's self with Arabian percussion.

1. Gamal Goma: Drum in, Drum out
2. Setrak Sarkissian: The Grand Bazaar
3. Issam Houshan: Drum Language
4. Susu Pampanin: Aswan Drum Trance
5. Ali Darwish: Drum On
6. Reda Darwish: Sultan's Delight
7. Khamis Henkish: Henkish Ya Gadaa
8. Sayed Madbouli: Tabla Maa Tabla
9. Safad Srour: Raks Aswan
10. Hamdi El Khayyat: Shake Time
11. Fathi Gamar: Rannet Al Tabla
12. Said El Artist: Magical Fingers
13. Ahmad of Egypt: Everyone Gather Around
14. Fathi Amin: Tabla of Said
15. Amir Sofi: Nour Balady

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