Masters of Bellydance Music Vol. 3 - CD
Masters of Bellydance Music Vol. 3 on CD

Masters of Bellydance Music Vol. 3 - CD

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Be captivated by exotic melodies performed by the foremost musicians from across the Middle East. The Masters of Bellydance Music Vol. 3 brings together top artists from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey presenting essential classics. This exciting variety of musical styles includes modern, traditional, drum solo, muwashahat, and folkloric. Enjoy listening to the slow, sultry melodies or dance the night away with upbeat, percussive favorites.

1. Ya Salam Orchestra: Zay Al Hawa
2. Al-Ahram Orchestra: Salamat Ya Om Hassan
3. Amir Sofi & Orchestra El Masaya: Enta Al Hob
4. Fayez Deryan Orchestra: Madah Al Qamar
5. Zamalek Musicians: Zay Al Asal
6. Ahmad Al Hafnawi: Ghannili Shiwayyi Shiwayyi
7. Khaled Sarsa: I Love Tabla
8. Ferqat Al Tooras Orchestra: Sahran Annil
9. Setrak Sarkissian: Ahliflak
10. Silk Road Ensemble: Havas
11. Mohamed Al Arabi: Al Atlal12Susu Pampanin: Cleopatra's Frenzy
13. Jalal Joubi & Ensemble: Ya Rabta Il Aybad
14. Aboud Abdel Al: Afrah El Chaab

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