Mazamir Sahara - Upper Egypt Ensemble - CD
Mazamir Sahara by Upper Egypt Ensemble on CD

Mazamir Sahara - Upper Egypt Ensemble - CD

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The Upper Egypt Ensemble plays traditional folkloric music from the villages along the Nile river. The music features the mizmar, a brilliant, shimmering sounding folk oboe, and the tabla baladi, a drum capable of exciting earthy rhythms. Together they make a powerful combination used to provide music for festivals and celebrations and while still contemporary, provide a living link with the ancient musical traditions of Egypt.

  1. Ismaaouni (3:27)  
  2. Mzmar Solo (1:14)  
  3. Aminti Billah (2:54)  
  4. Ana Ma Fiyee (3:11)  
  5. Khawatem (3:38)  
  6. Gan Al Hawa (7:29)  
  7. Sirt Al Hob (15:44)  
  8. Hikayat Mizmar (1:49)  
  9. Mazamir Holiday (5:22)  

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