Musicality Matters - Andalee - DVD - 2 DISC SET
Musicality Matters by Andalee on DVD

Musicality Matters - Andalee - DVD - 2 DISC SET

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This 2-disc set features "Project Belly Dance" season 1 (web series) as well as Andalee's debut instructional DVD, Musicality Matters.  Andalee's DVD uses her unique perspective as both  a drummer and a dancer to break down the dynamics of a piece of music.  She explains musical concepts such as time signature and quarter notes in an easily digestible lesson.  Several Middle Eastern rhythms are also broken down as Andalee shows belly dance movements that are appropriate for each. All of the concepts are demonstrated in action as Andalee teaches a choreography in bite-sized chunks.  She doesn't just teach the moves, but she explains what is happening in the music in a way that only a musician can so that the student will understand the intention behind each transition in the choreography.

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