Nour Mehanna - Greatest Hits - CD
Nour Mehanna's Greatest Hits on CD

Nour Mehanna - Greatest Hits - CD

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Nour Mehanna is a megastar in the music scene of Syria. His rich voice is recognized throughout the Middle East. Nour is renowned for his "Muwashahat" and "Tarab" styles, which are deeply rooted in Moorish and Andelusian musical styles.


1Ibaati Gawab
2Esmik Ya Shahba
3Mani Ya Habayyib
4Zawalef Ya Bou Zilof
5Ala Delona
6Al Hobbi Koullou
7Min Kitir Mashdakna
8Ya Leyli Ya Lel
9Khamratal Houbbi
10Ya Mal Il Sham
12Inta Fein
13Ana Ayni Leik
14Al Lalaw Lala
15Talaat Ya Mahla Nourha

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