Old Cairo - Mohamed Al Arabi Ensemble - CD
Old Cairo by Mohamed Al Arabi Ensemble on CD

Old Cairo - Mohamed Al Arabi Ensemble - CD

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The Mohamed Al Arabi Ensemble presents Old Cairo, a taste of the rich musical culture of Cairo. The masterful musicianship of the Ensemble coupled with the brilliant works of legendary composers create a nostalgic experience which takes you to the 1950s -1960s, the golden era of Egyptian music. Conducted and recorded by the late Mohamed Al Arabi in 1966, the percussion leader and soloist of the Om Kalsoum Orchestra, Old Cairo preserves the sophistication and elegance of classical Arab music.

1. Madam Bithib
2. Hayrana Leh
3. Hagartak
4. Min Azzibak
5. Khatwit Habibi
6. Ansak
7. Khayif Agoul
8. Koulli Dah Kan Eh
9. Leh Tilawwiini
10. Tahmilah
11. Ghouloubt Asaleh
12. Rak Al Habib
13. Lamma Anta Nawi
14. Emta Al Hawa

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