Oud Mosaics - Amer Ammouri - CD
Oud Mosaics by Amer Ammouri on CD

Oud Mosaics - Amer Ammouri - CD

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The oud is the most soulful of Middle Eastern instruments. In Oud Mosaics, Amer Ammouri performs Egyptian, Iraqi, Lebanese and Syrian favourites. Amer Ammouri lives in Aleppo, Syria; he performs regularly with famous Syrian singers such as Sabah Fakhri and Shadi Jamil. He is the lead oud player for the Salatin Al Tarab, an ensemble that performs the Muwashahat and Qudud Halabiyya styles of Syrian Folklore.

1. Ya Shadil Al Han Egypt
2. Ammi Ya Bayyaa Il Ward Iraq
3. Hawil Ya Ghannam Lebanon
4. Al Alla Taoud Lebanon
5. Fog Al Nakhel Syria
6. Basamatik Syria
7. Ma Alli Woultilou Egypt
8. Fog Al Shoq Egypt
9. Talaa Min Beit Abouha Iraq
10. Inta Fen Ou Hobbi Fen Egypt
11. Asmar Yasmarani Egypt
12. Al Rabia Egypt

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