Own the Stage! Starring Lotus Niraja - DVD
Own the Stage! Starring Lotus Niraja on DVD

Own the Stage! Starring Lotus Niraja - DVD

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Own the dance movement before you put it on stage. You can do this by creating a skeleton choreography that will help keep your routines fresh, and it will keep you from over-choreographing.  Allow some surprises not only for the audience, but also for yourself.

It is not necessary to do exactly what is taught in the choreography section of this DVD. This program was designed to give you tips and ideas to put towards your dance. This is not a DVD to be followed blindly and nor do we expect you to perform exactly everything that is presented. You should be free to choose the dance moves that speak clearly to you as a belly dance performer.

At the end of this DVD, you can see 4 dancers with four different approaches, performing to the same song that was taught early on. Some will follow the choreography very closely and some will have a more loose structure of the choreography, only choosing one or two moves that best compliments their dance style... whether it be fun, joyful, demure, or sultry.

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