Pop, Lock & Shimmy with Michelle Joyce - DVD
Pop, Lock and Shimmy with Michelle Joyce on DVD

Pop, Lock & Shimmy with Michelle Joyce - DVD

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Pop, Lock and Shimmy is a complete guide to crisp isolations and layered shimmies. It is designed for intermediate and advanced belly dancers and emphasizes drum solo technique. Practice is the key to sharp and intricate hip movements. When you spend time drilling these movements they simply become second nature and are naturally integrated into your repertoire. This 80 minute DVD consists of 11 drills and combinations that are designed to increase your stamina and to get the movements into your muscle memory. After being carefully explained, each combination is first practiced to medium paced music. Once you have mastered the combination at a medium speed, we pick up the pace. Each segment of this DVD is divided into a separate chapter, allowing you to click directly to any combination at any pace instantaneously. At the end of the DVD you will learn how the drills and combinations can be strung together into a dynamic drum solo choreography. You will also see a sneak preview of Michelle's performance on By Dancers For Dancers Volume 2, where she performs the drum solo choreography in a live stage show. Running time 95 minutes.

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