Pops, Locks & Shimmies 2 with Sadie & Kaya - DVD
Pops, Locks and Shimmies 2 with Sadie & Kaya on DVD

Pops, Locks & Shimmies 2 with Sadie & Kaya - DVD

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Kaya and Sadie wow audiences around the world with their own unique style of belly dance performance and instruction. In this DVD they share more of their exciting technique and exercises used to achieve those famous Pops, Locks & Shimmies!

This program continues to build on core movements and isolations while adding pops, locks and shimmies to create new dynamic layers. These exercises will help you build stamina and coordination while adding incredible new vocabulary to your dance!

This DVD also includes an awesome duet performance by Kaya and Sadie using their famous Pops, Locks & Shimmies!

Run time 113 minutes.

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