Powerhouse Percussion Belly Dance Drum Solo - DVD
Powerhouse Percussion Belly Dance Drum Solo on DVD

Powerhouse Percussion Belly Dance Drum Solo - DVD

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A fast and furious drum solo for experienced belly dancers! Featuring Grammy-nominated drummer Souhail Kaspar.

Ziva Emtiyaz is going to give you thrills and chills as she teaches a crazy drum solo. This is not a choreography for beginners, nor is it for the faint of heart! The moves are fast and articulate, but worry not... Ziva breaks it down slowly and carefully.

First she drills some of the more complex movements, then she breaks the choreography into bite sized chunks. You have the option of practicing in slow motion before moving up to full speed.

If your are an advanced beginner or intermediate level dancer you can work on this DVD one segment at a time while building your skills and endurance. By the time you have worked your way to the end you will find that your timing, technique, and confidence will dramatically improve.

Advanced level dancers can dive right into this fast and furious drum solo. In the end you will have a thrilling showpiece to impress your audience!

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