Preventing Wardrobe Malfunctions, Part I
We’ve all had something happen, or at least a close call. A clasp unhooks because we exerted more force on stage than in practice; we jumped a little higher, moved a little bigger or threw in that backbend after all.
This blog post is first in a series of quick and easy fixes you can do to your costumes to prevent the dreaded wardrobe malfunction, and dance with confidence.
I.  The Neck Strap
First of all, that clasp on your neck strap has to go. It’s an accident waiting to happen. One good shoulder roll, and your ta-tas are stealing the show. It takes 5 minutes to find your ideal neck strap length, mark it, and sew the two sides together. Of course, for comfort reasons, it makes sense to remove the existing metal clasp first.

Adding a second hook to bra strap

II. The Bra Strap

Next, add a second hook to your bra strap. It not only adds stability, but it’s also a good second line of defense in case the original clasp bends, breaks or unhooks. I use a larger hook and eye with more ‘wiggle room’, which allows quite a bit more stability than the smaller hooks.??

Sometimes there is plenty of room on the bra strap to add the second hook. Other times, as pictured below, I must add to length of the strap to accommodate the second hook. In this case, I use extra-strong elastic, which further ensures a good fit. Adding the elastic is only necessary on straps that have no elastic in them to begin with.

add small piece of small elastic

Enjoy these simple alterations, and dance with confidence.

Rania is a professional, multi-award winning Bellydancer who has been dancing most of her life. She is also an AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor, which gives her dancing and teaching a strong focus on body dynamics. Rania has studied and continues to study multi-ethnic dance all over the world. She has mastered both Egyptian and Turkish styles of Bellydance, as well Zar, Khaleegy, Saidi and Persian Dance. She has two Bellydancer of the Universe Competition titles, and is internationally considered a master teacher. In addition to teaching workshops in over 20 countries, she also toured with the Bellydance Superstars.