Project Belly Dance: The Final 6 - DVD
Project Belly Dance - The Final 6 on DVD

Project Belly Dance: The Final 6 - DVD

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The final 6 contestants from the popular web series Project Belly Dance each teach a 25-minute lesson on a topic of their unique expertise. Total of 2 hours 28 minutes.

1. Andalee teaches one of her favorite dance techniques, The Glide. Learn how to create the illusion of standing on your very own built-in conveyor belt on stage and then layer on unexpected movements and exciting isolations. Expect audience members to ask "how did you do that?" after your next performance!
2. Karolina uses her acting background to take you through a series of fun and functional exercises to bring emotional awareness to your dancing. How often do you think about your face as a dance muscle? You've worked hard to develop a range of motion in your hips, abs, and arms; don’t let a "frozen face" hold your performance quality back!
3. Now that you've mastered some fabulous belly dance moves, Shems will help you to gracefully transition between them.  She shares some of her favorite transitioning movements as well as concepts to help you gracefully invent your own transitions.  Shems also demonstrates how to anticipate good transitional moments in your music.
4. Scared of Ballet class? Don’t be! Sherena has developed a class specifically designed for belly dancers wanting to utilize Ballet technique into their performance. Several new exercises will be drilled focusing on posture, strength, and graceful turns. Ballet Belly Dance Bootcamp will give your moves that polished edge and help you to learn new and exciting combinations to include in your next choreography!
5. Add richness and strength to your moves with Victoria's core isolation drills and combinations. In her instruction, she explains how to use the sections of your abdomen to precisely execute techniques and smoothly layer movements. Victoria also demonstrates how to combine undulation, shimmies, and locks to add excitement to your dance.
6. Yvonne teaches Egyptian style combinations with a progressive twist. First she guides you through unique drills to create muscle memory, then she takes you through a practice session that emphasizes executing the movements with fluidity & surprise.

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