Melaya Leff Head Scarf / Hip Wrap - PURPLE LAME'
Purple Lame Melaya Leff Head Scarf or Hip Wrap

Melaya Leff Head Scarf / Hip Wrap - PURPLE LAME'

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This sassy purple lame’ melaya leff head scarf/hip wrap is the perfect finishing touch to your folk dance, ATS, or Tribal Fusion style costume. Made in Cairo, Egypt.

*EACH scarf is unique and may not have the same color pom pom’s as pictured. Please note pom pom color requests in your order comments and we will try to accommodate you.  Each scarf may vary slightly  in size.

APPROXIMATE SIZING / MEASUREMENTS: Top edge width (end to end, not including pom trim): 74 - 76 inches; Length (center line, not including trim): 24 - 26 inches

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