CAIRO COLLECTION: Rectangular Assuit Shawl - IVORY / SILVER
Rectangular Assuit Shawl in Ivory and Silver

CAIRO COLLECTION: Rectangular Assuit Shawl - IVORY / SILVER

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Assuit is a beautiful mesh fabric with thin metal hand-embroidered into it, creating geometric patterns of flowers, corn, people, and animals. These authentic ivory assuit shawls are made in Asyut, Egypt, and are embellished with crochet and bead work. Metal alloy strips woven into cotton mesh fabric; silver/clear seed beads.

*PLEASE NOTE- These shawls have minor cosmetic imperfections that are reflected in the discounted price. These do not take away from the overall beauty of this item.
Each piece is unique and hand-embroidered; pattern may not look as pictured.

Length (not including bead/crochet work): 72 - 87 inches; Width (not including bead/crochet work): 12 - 22 inches

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