Riqq: Arab Tambourine - Karim Nagi - DVD
Riqq: Arab Tambourine by Karim Nagi on DVD

Riqq: Arab Tambourine - Karim Nagi - DVD

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Karim Nagi is a native Egyptian musician and an accomplished performer and teacher of the RIQQ (Arab Tambourine). In this DVD Karim provides a detailed and vivid 2 hours of instruction. Karim explains proper technique, performs rhythms, and demonstrates how to accompany other musicians. Karim guides the student from the very beginning with grip and tone generation, all the way through advanced techniques and rhythms. This pure Arabic technique and style can be effectively applied to general Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Medieval European styles and music. The RIQQ is a versatile instrument with endless possibilities for color and expression. This DVD is the first definitive video tool that presents this unique instrument in its original, authentic usage and method for all levels. Two hours of instruction.


Introduction - the system and approach to playing the traditional Arab style and method.
Open Position - a.k.a. "Cabaret Style" using cymbals (examples ayyub, masmudi & malfuf).
Closed Position - a.k.a. "Classical Style" using skin (examples ayyub, masmudi & malfuf).
Loud Position - rhythmic shaking and rocking for an energetic volume and pace.
Switching Positions - going between each position seamlessly, to follow the music.
Rhythm Examples - from the simple to the complex: (wahda, york, muhaggar and more).
Accompaniment - Samai, Andalusian, and Qudud with oudist & singer Baha' Agha.
Solo by Karim Nagi.

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