Sahara Belly Dance by Bassil Moubayyed - CD
Sahara Belly Dance by Bassil Moubayyed on CD

Sahara Belly Dance by Bassil Moubayyed - CD

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Bassil Moubayyed is recognized as a master violinist and conductor in his hometown of Beirut, Lebanon. His bellydance arrangements feature an authentic sound on acoustic instruments such as Oud, Kanoun, Violin, Accordion, Nay, Mizmar, Tabla and Duff. These classic melodies have been revered by bellydancers for decades and are enjoyable for the Middle Eastern music enthusiast.

1. Sahra (Egyptian Bellydance)
2. Oud Wa Kaman (Oud & Violin Taksim)
3. Abart Al Shatt (Iraq)
4. Marrakech (Saz Taksim)
5. Kanoun Baghdadi (Kanoun Taksim)
6. Sahrawi (Egyptian Bellydance)
7. Raks Abayya (Balady)
8. Ishtakna Ktir (Cane Dance)
9. Al Tabla (Drum Solo)
10. Habayib (Lebanese Bedouin Dance)
11. Nay Al Khalid (Balady)
12. Tabla Zabadani (Drum Solo)
13. Marti Hilwa (Lebanese Bellydance)
14. Khayzaran (Oud Taksim)
15. Layliyyi Bi Trjah Ya Leil (Lebanese Bellydance)

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