Secrets of the Stage:  Volume 1 - DVD
Secrets of the Stage: Volume 1 on DVD

Secrets of the Stage: Volume 1 - DVD

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Topics Covered:
- relaxation and calmness
- you and your music (includes an improvisation exercise)
- focus and energy projection

Dancers Interviewed:
- Adriana - Michelle - Nanna Candelaria - Sandra - Shoshanna - Zari - Zaheea


"...information that every performer and instructor should have."

What makes a captivating dancer? A captivating dancer knows how to draw in the audience and takes them on an emotional journey with every movement and expression. A captivating dancer shows us a different way of listening to the music without overpowering it and teaches us that there is beauty in even the simplest movements. A captivating dancer knows how to build drama and set up those "wow" moments.

Unfortunately, most dancers simply focus on the mechanics of their movements and don't train themselves in the art of performing. Many dancers mistakenly think that performance skills cannot be learned and feel frustrated that it does not come naturally.

Having sharp isolations and cute combinations are a result of training your muscles, but incorporating stage presence, emotion and musical awareness into your dance require training of a totally different kind. The exercises in this DVD are uniquely designed to help you become a better performer and to push your dance presentation to the next level.

The format is different than any other belly dance instructional DVD. Each concept is demonstrated by video clips of professional dance performances, while the dancers themselves narrate. This unique concept gives you a glimpse into what is going on in the dancers' mind in real time as she performs. Several drills and exercises that combine dance, drama, and emotional exploration are included at the end of DVD.


Michelle Joyce is a professional belly dancer who has performed for audiences around the globe. She has won several awards including 2004 People's Choice Belly Dancer and 2006 East Coast Classic Belly Dance Competition Champion.

Michelle also has a Master's in Counseling, and draws on that knowledge to incorporate techniques such as progressive relaxation, visualization, meditation, and stress response reduction.

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