Secrets of the Stage:  Volume 3 - DVD
Secrets of the Stage: Volume 3 on DVD

Secrets of the Stage: Volume 3 - DVD

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Dancers these days just don?t seem to have as many opportunities to dance to live music and are out of their comfort zone when performing with a band. In this section we interview both dancers and musicians to get practical advice about preparation, etiquette, and survival techniques. We also interview dancers about how they fill their creative wells and continue to stay motivated to create new dances. Concrete exercises and habits are suggested while potential blockages and bad habits are discussed. Finally, Leyla Lanty gives us a micro Arabic lesson. You will be able to identify several of the commonly used words in Arabic songs. Featured Dancers: Nanna Candelaria, Sandra, Amira Ariana, Sabriye Tekbilek, Zari, Shoshanna, Adriana, Bahaia, Luna, Featured Musicians: Kaweh, Tim Bolling, Doug Adamz, Al 'Azifoon, Flowers of the Nile, Mary Ellen Donald Running time: 80 minutes

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