Sensual Belly Dance Beginner Set
Sensual Belly Dance Beginner Set

Sensual Belly Dance Beginner Set

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Indulge in the Sensual Art of Belly dance with these essentials:

Belly dance Hip scarf: Shimmy in style with this high quality, imported chiffon hip scarf. Complete with intricate beading and beautiful coins, you won't just look good when belly dancing, you'll sound good. Choose S/M- Total width (end to end) 59 inches; Decorated section 33.5 inches; Length (NOT including coins) 7 - 8 inches OR XL/1X-4X: Total width (end to end)- 86 inches; Decorated area- 45 inches; Length (NOT including coins) 9 - 10 inches.

DVD: Discover Bellydance: MYSTIC DANCE with Veena and Neena: This program introduces the softer and more flowing movements of authentic Egyptian bellydance. You will learn seductive moves that will enable you to perform a fully choreographed and mesmerizing dance routine. After a satisfying warm-up, you will receive step-by-step instructions from Veena & Neena, on how to execute the upper and lower body movements associated with bellydance. Veena & Neena will teach you upward and downward figure eights, spins, traditional veil movements and head slides combined with seductive arm and shoulder moves.

CD: A Night at the Harem - Indulge in sensual and passionate sounds from the orient - be captivated by enchanting melodies of Arabia's finest artists for a sensual belly dance experience.

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