Sha'bi Chic by Hoda - CD
Shabi Chic by Hoda CD

Sha'bi Chic by Hoda - CD

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Egyptian Sha’bi is very much music of the people with lyrics and rhythms of everyday life. The upbeat sounds and energy create an atmosphere where you can almost smell the exotic aromas of the streets of Cairo. Hoda is the reigning Princess of Sha’bi with her own more sophisticated approach to the music which she aptly calls “chic”. The album is not only a great listening experience, but is also highly danceable. It will undoubtedly become a staple of the bellydance world.

1 Endahly Had Kbeek
2 Ashoufak Uyoum
3 El Kalam Mish Kalamek
4 Ekhwat Nabat
5 Inta Lissa Faker Hali
6 Kad Hawak
7 Aashek
8 Maa’lesh
9 Yallah Kheir
10 La Ou Lissa

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