Sharrafouni - Zein Al-Jundi - CD
Sharrafouni by Zein Al-Jundi on CD

Sharrafouni - Zein Al-Jundi - CD

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Zein Al-Jundi was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. She began singing professionally at the early age of five and, over the next 12 years, became a household name on Syria's radio and TV channels as well as concert halls. "Sharrafouni" was recorded mainly in Beirut, Lebanon and in Damascus, Syria as well as Cairo Egypt with Zein herself as artistic and executive producer. Michel Fadel (of LBC's Star Academy and world class pianist and composer/arranger), Ralph El Khoury (of The REG Project), Tareq Abou Jawdeh, Elia Nasser, Andre Hajj, Tony Ja'ja', Tony Barrak, Ali Mazbouh, Tony Haddad and other talented artists all contributed to this outstanding production.

1. Sharrafouni
2. Ya Habibi
3. Allah Ma'ak
4. Leih
5. Tab Toll
6. Ajmal Gharam
7. Shiki Shiki Baba
8. Tamalli Habibi
9. Habib El Alb
10. Wijjak Ma'ii
11. Sharrafouni, Dance Mix

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