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Showtime! Dazzling Bellydance Music - CD
Showtime! Dazzling Bellydance Music on CD

Showtime! Dazzling Bellydance Music - CD

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Let the glitz and glamour of belly dance captivate you! Showtime features an array of styles such as: Veil, Traditional, Fusion, Modern, Tribal Fusion, Bedouin, and more. Enjoy Music from masters Dr. Samy Farag, Bassam Ayoub, Mosavo, Sami Nossair Orchestra, Naked Rhythm, Setrak Sarkissian and others.

1. Ava Fleming - Move Your Belly - Arabian Remix by Louie
2. Viktoriya - Melaya Laff - Egyptian Traditional by Bassam Ayoub
3. Lorinda - Al Ayyam - Spanish-Arabian by Fiesta Orientale
4. Kami Liddle - Uncovered Ecstasy - Tribal Fusion by Mosavo
5. Aubre - Gamil Gamal - Classical Egyptian by the Sami Nossair Orchestra
6. Urban Gypsy - Sandstorm - Belly Dance Fusion by Naked Rhythm
7. Virginia  - Harramt Ahibbak - Modern Egyptian by Setrak Sarkissian
8. Sohaila  - Bal Fala Jamal Sari - Bedouin Dance by Ibrahim Hassan
9. David  - Al Hobbi Koullo - Classical Egyptian by the Cairo Orchestra
10. Zaheea  - Sahen-Dahen-Boo - Classical Egyptian by the Sami Nossair Orcestra
11. Jamileh  - Moghram Ya Leil - Modern Lebanese by Dr. Samy Farag
12. The Arabian Wedding - Zeffa/Zaina by the Cairo Orchestra

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