Sizzlin' Hips with Ava Fleming - DVD
Sizzlin' Hips with Ava Fleming on DVD

Sizzlin' Hips with Ava Fleming - DVD

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Moving the hips in isolation from - or in coordination with - the ribcage is the essence of Raqs Sharki. Your hips can move soft and slow, or fast and sharp... but there's more to it than that! The technique a dancer uses to move her body affects how her audience will feel her dancing. In this DVD, Ava Fleming shows you how to make your hips do exactly what you want them to. More than just technique, by giving you greater awareness of how you dance, Ava's movement theory will increase your dance vocabulary, add juiciness to your fluid curves, and crisp precision to your accents. You'll discover and create more intricate layers in your dance, so you- and your audience - will enjoy your dancing even more! Plus, an amazing performance by Ava!

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