Sizzlin' Torso with Ava Fleming - DVD
Sizzlin' Torso with Ava Fleming on DVD

Sizzlin' Torso with Ava Fleming - DVD

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Ava breaks down how to execute many popular belly dance upper body movements using various motivator techniques - it's the same move but with very different effects! Ava includes fun combinations and plenty of drilling so you'll really feel why an "internal" rib slide looks very different from an "external" rib slide.

More than just technique, by giving you greater awareness of how you dance, Ava's movement theory will increase your dance vocabulary, add juiciness to your fluid curves, and crisp precision to your accents. You'll discover and create more intricate layers in your dance, so you- and your audience - will enjoy your dancing even more!

Plus, an amazing performance by Ava!

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