Spirit of Bellydance - CD
Spirit of Bellydance on CD

Spirit of Bellydance - CD

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Bellydance is one of the most sensual and ancient art forms in the world. The Spirit of Bellydance is a collection of mesmerizing and captivating bellydance music recorded by today's top musicians and selected by some of the biggest names in bellydance.

1. Orientalis - Bodyshock
2. Al Bashíshar - Amr Omari
3. Mozart Tabla Arabiyya - Turbo Tabla
4. Raks Al Shadi - Al-Ahram Orchestra
5. Unveiled - Raul Ferrando
6. Sulukule - Sultan's Delight
7. Lonely Star by the Sea - Mosavo
8. Saidi Festival - Upper Egypt Ensemble
9. Bastannak - Zamalek Musicians
10. Luxor Baladna - Upper Egypt Ensemble
11. Warda - Zamalek Musicians
12. Taksim Nay - Hamouda Ali
13. Move Your Body - Def Jef

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