Sufi Spirit - Sabah Gharib - CD
Sufi Spirit by Sabah Gharib on CD

Sufi Spirit - Sabah Gharib - CD

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Through her passionate voice, Cairo's Sabah Gharib sings traditional Sufi songs from Egypt. Accompanied by a 15-piece acoustic ensemble, Sabah's emotional voice, create the realm of the Sufi world.

  1. Mawwal (Improvisation)  
  2. Zikra (Memories)  
  3. Al Samah (Forgiveness)  
  4. Naam, Naam (Yes, Yes)  
  5. Al Hakk (The Right)  
  6. Al Alem (The Omniscient)  
  7. Madad, Madad (Support of God)  
  8. Al Moukadama (Introduction)  
  9. Mawwal Al Hosen (Goodness Solo)  
  10. Al Damaa (The Tear)  
  11. Al Ghofran (Forgiveness of God)  
  12. Al Shoukr (Thanksgiving)  
  13. Al Douaaq (Prayer)  
  14. Sayyid Al Kowneyyn (The Man of Two Planets)  
  15. Al Habib (The Love)  

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