Suhaila Salimpour's Sheherezade - DVD
Suhaila Salimpour's Sheherezade on DVD

Suhaila Salimpour's Sheherezade - DVD

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Experience the passion of 1001 Arabian Nights. Sheherezade is a captivating dance extravaganza illustrating the ancient story of a cruel Prince and a clever maiden. The story is told through dance, fusing folkloric and classic belly dance with other influences. Betrayed by his first wife, the Prince marries a new woman every day and murders her the next morning. When he captures Sheherezade, she intrigues him with a thrilling tale but stops before telling the ending. Hungering for more, the Prince allows her to live for another day. Night after night, Sheherezade's passionate stories become more intimate and tender until they both fall so deeply in love that the Prince spares her life.

Run time: Approximately 90 minutes

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