Tak Taka by Mohamed Shahin - CD
Tak Taka by Mohamed Shahin on CD

Tak Taka by Mohamed Shahin - CD

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Mohamed Shahin presents Tak Taka, playful Egyptian music, made for Oriental Dance, recorded in Cairo with some of the best musicians the Arab world has to offer. Contains five original compositions, two re-arranged classic songs by the legends Um kulthum and Warda, and a medley by the genius composer Beligh Hamdi.
This recording was created with heart, knowledge, and attention to detail with inspired creativity given to this album from all the artists involved. 

  1. HAMSA  Oriental Mejanse 9:07
  2. ANDAH AALEIK  Classic Song Originally by Warda 5:36
  3. TAK TAKA  Egyptian Playful Song 4:49
  4. LAYALI ELOUNS  Oriental Mejanse 7:50
  5. BES BES  Playful Shaabi Style Song 5:25
  6. LAYLET HUB  Classic Song Originally by Um Kalthoum 6:55
  7. MEDLEY BELIGH  Oriental Music/Medley Of Beligh Hamdi 6:11
  8. AMAR ESKANDARANI  Melaya Leff Eskandarani 5:07
  9. HAMSA  Short Version 8:08

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