Takasim Oud - Amer Ammouri - CD
Takasim Oud by Amer Ammouri on CD

Takasim Oud - Amer Ammouri - CD

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The Oud (Ancient Lute Of The Middle East) Is The Most Important And Influential Instrument Of The Arab World. Prized For Its Expressive And Enthralling Sound Since Ancient Times, It Is Capable Of Deep Emotional Expression And Great Passion. Syria's Master Oudist Amer Ammouri Performs Authentic Solo Performances On The Oud, Strongly Rooted In Centuries Of Musical Tradition, But Fresh With Contemporary Vitality.

  1. Arayib (Houzam) 1:44  
  2. Zahra Asafir (Houzam) 2:17  
  3. Rohani (Hijaz) 5:03  
  4. Omayya (Kord) 4:59  
  5. Kawakeb (Ajam) 4:48  
  6. Salasel (Houzam) 6:02  
  7. Sallamtak (Hijaz) 4:56  
  8. Semiramis (Zanjan) 3:53  
  9. Zikrayat (Houzam) 4:58  
  10. Sultani (Jarka) 4:12  

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