The Dance of My Heart - Saad - CD
The Dance of My Heart by Saad on CD

The Dance of My Heart - Saad - CD

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Saad Al Soghrier is fast becoming a legend in Egypt for shaking up the music establishment as has have done this century. His infectious rhythms and super bellydance-able beats put him up there with the other great Sh bi singer, Hakim. But it is his lyrics of the common everyday life of the average Egyptian, and the daily slang they use that cause him to shake the tree of the establishment. He breaks the rules and the people love it (all except the snooty aristocracy of course). His significance is all the greater in that as a practicing Muslim who financially supports his local Mosque, he is all about dancing, singing and enjoying life to the fullest, thereby proving beyond doubt that that is the REAL essence of his people?and we believe ALL people. As such we salute Saad Al Soghrier as the most important music artist to come out of the Middle East in decades. This album, the follow up to "The Prince of Shaabi" contains big hits in Egypt as well as a song specially recorded for this album and the world?s bellydancers who have come to so admire him. Saad Al Soghrier, Those who are about to dance, salute you!!!

  1. Sama'ny Salam  
  2. Mesh Ay Haga  
  3. Hatgawez  
  4. Mabeyarafsh  
  5. Elly Yetaq  
  6. El Adb Lelah  
  7. Ranna  
  8. Nefsy Feah  
  9. Ya Kabten  
  10. Had Yshtery Qalb  
  11. Bellydance (Bonus Track)  

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