The Move Before the Move with Sa'diyya - DVD
The Move Before the Move with Sadiyya on DVD

The Move Before the Move with Sa'diyya - DVD

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This DVD explores the linchpin of professional dancing: smooth transitions.  Even if you have perfect technique, the skill of seamlessly weaving your movements together is an art unto itself.

A polished and professional dancer allows one move to effortlessly flow into the next, creating a fluid dance rather than a laundry list of steps. Sa’diyya’s clear instruction and attention to detail make her the perfect dancer to tackle this subject.  First she outlines several concrete techniques that can be used to create smooth transitions, then she demonstrates them in use with several combinations.  Each combination has a “before” and an “after” section, allowing you to clearly see the difference that is made by using fluid transitions.

As an extra bonus, all of the combinations can be strung together to create a complete, stage-ready choreography to the dynamic song Nagwa.  The DVD is extensively chaptered for enhanced learning and drilling, and at the end you will get to see Sa’diyya perform the piece in a live theater show setting.

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