The Music of Lebanon - CD
The Music of Lebanon CD

The Music of Lebanon - CD

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Lebanon's rich heritage and tradition is well-represented in its? music. Dabke represents Lebanon?s sense of community and nationalism, where its traditional and classical styles reflect its vibrant festival and art scene. This recording features renowned singers, orchestras and musicians performing well-known essential favorites.

  1. Leyliyyi Bi Trjaa Ya Leyl (Classical) Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra  
  2. La Tsalouni (Dabke) Mohamed Iskandar  
  3. Shatti Ya Dunya (Dabke) Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra  
  4. Ghadwiyyi, Ghadwiyyi (Traditional) Tony Ghaddar  
  5. Aatini Nay Waghanni (Classical) Mohamed Saddigh  
  6. Nadda, Nadda (Dabke) Hiyam Younis  
  7. Ayyam Al Loulou (Bedouin) Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra  
  8. Fayyah Mandilik (Dabke) Mohamed Iskandar  
  9. Ala Al Nadda (Dabke) Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra  
  10. Ghamze Min Ayneyki Soud (Dabke) Michel Mousaad  
  11. Jawwazouha Khatife Hzzi Ya Nawaem Baddik, Baddik (Classical) Salatin Al Tarab Orchestra  
  12. Layali Beirut (Traditional) Sami Nossair Orchestra  
  13. Rihet Mahboubi (Dabke) Salwa Karam  
  14. Bdna Ntjawwaz Al Iyd (Festive Song) Andelus Ensemble  

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