The Music of Syria - Jalal Joubi and Ensemble - CD
The Music of Syria by Jalal Joubi and Ensemble on CD

The Music of Syria - Jalal Joubi and Ensemble - CD

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Jalal Joubi and Ensemble present the rich historical music of Syria. They perform the traditional Muwashahat and Qudud Halabiyya styles with a full ensemble of oud, violin, kawala, riqq, and tabla. The pieces they present range from traditional Andalusian compositions from the middle-ages through the 19th century. These performances represent true Arabic music roots, and are essential for understanding this profound musical culture.

1. Malal Kaasat (Rast) 5:16
2. Ya Shadil Al Han (Rast) 3:48
3. Dannak Ghays (Houzam) 5:20
4. Ya Man Laaybat (Rast) 5:15
5. Ya Tera Tiri (Rast) 2:35
6. Ayha Saqi (Houzam) 5:44
7. Ya Mal Il Sham (Rast) 4:51
8. Ya Ghsn Nakka (Houzam) 3:23
9. Bilbakliq Shaq Il Almaz (Houzam) 3:48
10.Marmar Zamani (Houzam) 3:02
11. Ya Rabta Il Aybad (Houzam) 3:44

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