The Soul of Bellydance - CD
The Soul of Bellydance on CD

The Soul of Bellydance - CD

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Bellydance is one of the most sensual and ancient art forms in the world. The Soul of Bellydance is a collection of mesmerizing and captivating bellydance music recorded by todayís top musicians and selected by some of the biggest names in bellydance.

1. ISTANBUL NIGHTS ñ Bodyshock (Selected by Ansuya)
2. HAYATI ñ Dr. Samy Farag (Selected by Guzel Gilmeeva)
3. DESERT DANCE FLOOR - Naked Rhythm & Roger Abboud (Selected by Bohemia Dance Co.)
4. FAKKAROUNI ñ Mohamed Ali Ensemble (Selected by Willow)
5. SHIK SHAK SHOK ñ Hassan Abou El Seoud (Selected by Claudia)
6. SAMARA ñ Dr. Samy Farag (Selected by Neena Nour)
7. AMINTI BILLAH TURBO - Turbo Tabla (Selected by Karim Nagi)
8. SILENCE OF THE NILE ñ Zamalek Musicians (Selected by Aziza)
9. SAHARA CITY ñ Ahmad Fouad Hassan (Selected by Baheyya El-Ghazal)
10. LEYLA ñ Mohamed Ali Ensemble (Selected by Princess Farhana)
11. NADIA ñ Al-Ahram Orchestra (Selected by Layla & The Lotus Dancers)
12. SHISHA ñ Naked Rhythm (Selected by Paulina)
13. MISIRLOU & TABLA SAHRAWI by Mosavo/Hamdi Al Khayyat (Selected by Ansuya)

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