The Soul of Cairo - Ahmad Gibaly & Orchestra - CD
The Soul of Cairo by Ahmad Gibaly & Orchestra on CD

The Soul of Cairo - Ahmad Gibaly & Orchestra - CD

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Composer and conductor Ahmad Gebaly, along with his Orchestra present authentic Egyptian Bellydance music from The Soul of Cairo. This variety of new compositions and fresh renditions features: Classical, Contemporary, Saidi Zeffa Wedding Song, Drum Solo and Modern Arabic Pop.

1. The Soul of Cairo (Bellydance Routine) 9:05
2. Sahret Omrena (Modern) 3:50
3. Hazzet Al Noura (Modern Accordion Balady) 5:04
4. Taka Doom (Drum Solo) 3:25
5. Mizmar Baladna (Saidi Cane Dance) 3:28
6. Laabet Al Ayam (Modern Rhumba) 5:06
7. Yabool Ayoun Il Sood (Accordion Balady) 5:12
8. Ah Ya Tabla (Drum Solo) 3:06
9. Ansak (Om Kalsoum Classic) 8:18
10. Tigi Ya Matigish (Arabic Pop) 4:30
11. Ah Ya Zein (Remix) 4:35
12. Arous Wa Arees (Zeffa Wedding Song) 4:49

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