Top 10 Reasons to Belly Dance by Amaya

#10) For the Belly Dance Sisterhood of it…

nothing like a girl’s-night-out to the dance studio to laugh, shimmy and have a drink afterwards with like-minded women!  When women gather outside the circle of men, kids, jobs….they glow.

#9)  Better Health From Belly Dancing….

burn some calories, flatten those abs, stretch out those kinks and stand taller.  Gain cardio stamina, muscle strength PLUS the knowledge that you can hold those arms up longer than any football player. Your doctor will love you for taking bellydance classes.

#8)  Belly Dance Cocktail Party…

there will never be a lull in any party conversation if you just happen to mention that you are a belly dancer. Never.

#7)  Sensual Belly Dancing…

hubby may like the new undulations you just learned, but you will enjoy the new found fluidity in your walk and curvy hip circles even more! You will find that getting up off the couch is now much easier than the effort of rising out of a backbend on stage.  New and stronger muscles will be found.

#6)  Have Fun while dancing

where can you go to dance by yourself in a cool outfit and move to drum music and have so many admiring glances at almost any age in this society????  Shopping for costuming becomes a tax write off.  Glitter finds itself into nooks and crevices you never imagined and you giggle about it.

#5)  Empowerment From Belly Dance… 

If you can get up onstage all crazy nerved up and wow them with your dance, you certainly can do the PowerPoint presentation at the next corporate annual meeting.  Debbie Downer can become the next Bellydancing Oprah!

#4) Dress Up…

remember those days of dressing up in your grandma’s finery?  Well, through bellydance you will find yourself browsing through vintage shops, beads stores, and exotic web sites for just the right amount of glitz for your next costume idea.  Playing with hair, make up and learning the best photo poses are all part of the fun Become-Someone-Else persona.   Eventually this dress up inclination will seep into your regular life and you may end up putting rhinestones on your swimsuit and aprons.  Wearing a coin and sequined hip scarf to the post office will seem normal to you.

#3) Gaining Wealth…

maybe there isn’t a huge market in your area for a belly dancer and thus little money making opportunities, you will build up a wealth of experiences, memories and dance friends from all over the world.  You may eventually come to know who the top dancer is in Berlin, Minneapolis and even Albuquerque!

#2) Travel To Belly Dance

from attending the fun seminar in the next state to attending a bellydance festival on the coast or even in another country, as a hobbyist there is always somewhere to go to play with others into the same dance trip as you!  IF you are lucky enough to become a hot commodity, you will have your trips paid for you to teach this same seminars.  How cool would this be????

Top #1 Reason to BellyDance:  You will be the hit at your next class reunion!  

Imagine the murmurs as you enter the room being carried in by 4 muscle men in a rolled carpet. Imagine what a look of surprise from the slightly matronly high school prom queen of 25 years ago.  Imagine being kind to everyone (especially that old boyfriend that dumped you) while signing autographs….

Known for her fluid and dynamic dance style, Amaya is the first Oriental Dancer in American to fuse the power of Flamenco with the feminine Arabic dance movements.   She is also the proud producer of her latest labor of love, the best-selling dvd “American Belly Dance Legends,” honoring the American icons that lead to the explosion of Oriental Dance around the world.  Amaya hosts intimate and intensive annual Wise Woman Retreat every summer in New Mexico to a small group of like-minded dance spirits. Having performed in over 20 countries, Amaya is The Elite-of–the-Elite in Instructors, Amaya can teach the Beginning Dancer to the Professional Performer by developing basic steps into “super-embellished” moves.  Dynamic music mixed with a healthy dose of humor and life philosophies all lead to a great learning atmosphere.  Enjoy her Amaya Technique in workshop and seminars for all levels.   Prepare to MOVE!