CAIRO COLLECTION: Traditional Khaleeji Thobe Dress - PINK / GOLD
Traditional Khaleeji Thobe Dress in Pink and Gold

CAIRO COLLECTION: Traditional Khaleeji Thobe Dress - PINK / GOLD

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This gorgeous Traditional Khaleeji / Khaliji Thobe Dress is made of a sheer pink chiffon, intricately embroidered and detailed with gold sequins and rhinestone accents.  Kaftan style sleeves, loose fit and lightweight.  This thobe is perfect for your next Khaleeji performance, or as a stunning cover-up for your costume. These beautiful dresses are individually made by local artisans and may have fabric imperfections or discolorations that are not visible while performing.  The dresses are priced with this in mind.  Made in Egypt.

Please note: Some missing rhinestones and/or beads are common with handmade Egyptian costumes. Such minor imperfections are only noticeable from very close up

Front length (shoulder to hem): 56 - 58 inches; Back length (shoulder to hem): 58 - 60 inches; Width (across shoulders): 56 inches 

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