Tribal Renaissance - Tribal Fusion Bellydance Performances - DVD
Tribal Renaissance Tribal Fusion Bellydance Performance DVD

Tribal Renaissance - Tribal Fusion Bellydance Performances - DVD

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American Tribal Style Belly Dance has intrigued audiences worldwide for decades. The combination of traditional folkloric dances with belly dance and modern dance forms has given birth to a colorful subculture. Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance promotes creativity and embraces diversity. Tribal costumes, movements and music range from folk and traditional to urban and modern, giving the artists great freedom of expression and keeps the style ever evolving. Tribal Renaissance showcases some of the most popular and respected names in this genre performing to eclectic music from Mosavo, Drumspyder, Knossos, Maduro and more! Running time: 55 minutes

1. Zoe Jakes: Welcome Ceremony
2. Susan Frankovich: Across the Bosphorus
3. Frederique: Drum Seduction
4. Princess Farhana: Lonely Star by the Sea
5. Ava Fleming: Uncovered Ecstasy
6. Mira Betz: Rumiís Passion
7. The Nekyia: Pure Catnip
8. Elizabeth Strong: Istanbul Cingene
9. Sashi: Black Bedouin
10. Jill Parker: Lamma Bada
11. Kami Liddle: Drum Roots
12. Monica Fernandez: Sekmetron

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