Tribal Revolution: Tribal Fusion Performances - DVD
Tribal Revolution: Tribal Fusion Performances on DVD

Tribal Revolution: Tribal Fusion Performances - DVD

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The constantly evolving world of Tribal Fusion Bellydance is known for its innovative artistry and emotive expressions. Combining the cultural with the mystical, the dark with the intimate; Revolution presents an unprecedented cast of Tribal Fusion artists. Costumes inspired by the beautiful and underground meet enigmatic music from musicians such as: Solace, Mosavo, The Toids, Sxip Shirey and more!

1. Mira Betz: "Bound" Cabaribal Solo
2. The Nekyia: "Zilz and Skilz" Jazz Fusion
3. Ariellah: "Exiled" Gothic Tribal Fusion
4. Zoe Jakes: "Zakkara One" Drum Solo and Taksim
5. Kami Liddle: "Uncovered Ecstasy" Tribal Fusion
6. Princess Farhana: "Harem Street" Vintage Bellydance
7. Katie Kay: "Amantsi" Balkan Fusion
8. Ultra Gypsy: "Haj Khaled" Drum Solo
9. Aubre: "Khawatem" Tribal Fusion
10. Domba: "Kpanlogo" Afro-Bellydance Fusion
11. Olu: "Rumiís Passion" Tribal Fusion
12. Subee Djinn: "Rebirth" Tribal Fusion Duet

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